GStar Ecosystem

GStar Ecosystem

Join the gig economy, and be part of our Algorithmic Trading Movement!

Welcome to the GSTAR Bounty Campaign!
We warmly welcome you to be a part of our Algorithmic Trading Movement!

Update for our Telegram Campaign: We have added a new segment where you can earn stakes by inviting other users to join our telegram group. Check out our telegram campaign segment below for more details
What is the GStar Ecosystem?

We at are here with a cause, and that is to empower the masses to adopt algorithmic trading activities with ease.

We aim to bring algorithmic trading capabilities to the masses, empowering them to trade on level ground with professionals.

With the GStar Ecosystem, we are building a marketplace for expert traders to easily build, share and monetize their trading ideas, and for the masses to simply profit with just a few clicks, fuss-free.

We aim to cut out the middleman, get access to the experts directly.

To get more info, please read our Whitepaper or visit our website

Bounty Campaign

We are now starting a bounty campaign, so participants can help us tell about GStar Ecosystem to the community, and get free coins as a bounty reward.

In the GSTAR Initial Token Sale, 3% of the GSTAR distribution will be allocated as bounty rewards. This works out to be a max of about 48 000 000 GSTAR tokens if we reach the technical cap.

The final actual amount of GSTAR tokens will be determined at the close of the GSTAR Tokensale.

There are many ways to help spread the news! By completing bounty tasks below, you will receive bounty-stakes, which are divided in the following categories:

  1. Twitter - 6%
  2. Facebook - 3%
  3. Bitcointalk Signature - 32%
  4. Bitcointalk Translation - 10%
  5. Articles & Blog Posts - 28%
  6. Reddit - 2%
  7. Telegram - 7%
  8. Medium - 2%
  9. Youtube - 10%

At the end of the Token Sale, we will tally up the total bounty stakes earned by every bounty hunter, and distribute GSTAR tokens proportionally to your bounty stakes in each category according to the distribution above.

Public bounty hunter spreadsheet:

General Terms
  • Stakes will be distributed every week, on Wednesday.
  • First stakes distribution will occur on 23rd May.
  • If we think you are not honest, or spam the forum, we will remove you from any campaign at any time, and we do not owe you an explanation.
  • We reserve the right to delete your stakes if you are disqualified from participating in our campaign.
  • We may not accept you in the campaign for any reasons.
  • Please post your rank update request in this bounty campaign thread if your rank changes any time during your participation period.
  • Please take note that you must hit the minimum number of posts (based on each campaign's specific rules) in order for your stakes to be allocated to you.
  • You will be permanently banned from our campaign if you are found to use multi-accounts, cheating and/or spamming.
  • Keep in mind that we might alter the percentage allocation for the different campaigns if a particular campaign is getting underwhelming response.
  • We believe in rewarding each honest bounty hunter. We will be prioritizing members who are more experienced on this forum. We reserve the right to do what we deem is right to reward every single honest bounty hunter.
Campaign 1 - Twitter
  • Following our Twitter account: 5 stakes
  • Retweet post: 20 stakes
  • Like post: 5 stakes
  • This campaign is limited to 1250 participants.
  • Only twitter accounts with more than 1000 followers will be allowed (The number of your followers is being fixed at the start).
  • You retweet news marked with #GSTARAI from our official account within 7 days after their publication and not later, and do not delete them until the ICO ends on 8 Aug 2018.
  • NOTE: We count ONLY the posts that are marked with #GSTARAI by our team. So, if you add our hashtag to any posts, it is not counted.
  • Retweets and likes of our posts that are in the forms of answers to other users are not counted.
  • We reserve the right to remove you from our campaign if you are deemed unfit.
  • From the day you register, the maximum number of likes and tweets of our content is capped at 1800.
  • We will remove you if your account is not active

How to participate
Campaign 2 - Facebook
  • Like page: 2 stakes
  • Share page: 6 stakes
  • Like post: 1 stake
  • Comment on post: 1 stake
  • Share post: 3 stakes
  • This campaign is limited to 1000 participants.
  • You have to post a report in our Bitcointalk thread. ONLY MAKE ONE POST THAT YOU WILL UPDATE ON A REGULAR BASIS WITH ALL OF YOUR FACEBOOK CAMPAIGN DATA. We will only analyze the first post, not any other post.
  • Must continue to like’s Facebook Page and pinned post until the ICO ends.
  • Any user making offensive/inappropriate comments on our Facebook page will have their account banned and reported.
  • We reserve the right to not consider your Facebook account eligible for this campaign, even if you meet the prerequisites.
  • If you have been removed from the spreadsheet, it may be for a few reasons: you did not met the prerequisites; you did not provide a valid proof of authentication post, etc.

How to participate
Campaign 3 - Bitcointalk Signature
Weekly Campaign Rates
  • Members: 10 stakes
  • Full Members: 50 stakes
  • Sr Members: 60 stakes
  • Hero members: 80 stakes
  • Legendary members: 110 stakes
  • Participants in this campaign have to be at least a Member to wear our signature.
  • Minimum 15 constructive posts per week.
  • If you don't reach 15 posts before a Wednesday, you will not receive any stake for the current week.
  • Posts made in the following sections (and all their child boards) will not be counted as valid posts: Marketplace; Off-topic; Archival; Marketplace (Altcoins).
  • Posts such as "hello", "good luck", "love this project", or any other unsubstantial posts will not be counted as valid.
  • Posts with less than 80 characters will not be counted as valid posts.
  • Participants with red trust score will not be accepted.
  • Multiple accounts are not allowed and will result in banning you from our campaign.
  • If you decide to leave us for another campaign, please write it down in this thread so we could check if you deserve to reserve your current week stakes (= if you posted 15 constructive posts). If you don't, we will not distribute your current week stakes.

How to participate
  • Post on our Bitcointalk thread with the following information:

    • #JOIN
    • Bitcointalk username:
    • Forum rank:
    • Posts count: (including your registration post)
    • ETH address:

  • Please see our Bitcointalk thread for the Signature Codes

Campaign 4 - Bitcointalk Translation
  • 1 ANN thread translation: 350 stakes
  • 1 post from the original poster in the translated thread = 20 stakes
  • 1 whitepaper translation = 1000 stakes
  • A translation must be of a high quality & not done by using translating tools.
  • It must be finished before the start of Token Sale.
  • You can reserve a translation by filling Google Form link, but if you did not translated your content in time (based on registration time), your reservation is over and another participant can take it from you.
  • We are only looking for translations in the following languages: Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Portuguese, Indonesian, Hindi, Arabic.
  • Once you have reserved an ANN thread translation, this reservation is valid for 2 days.
  • Once you have reserved a whitepaper translation, this reservation is valid for 8 days.
  • If those reserved translators don't provide their work on time, the translation slot will be given to a backup translator. You can also find a list of backup translators in the same spreadsheet.
  • If you don't see a backup translator for your language, you can now become a backup translator! Send me a PM with all your past work and I will see if you can be added to the list.

How to participate
Campaign 5 - Articles
  • 1 standard article = 10 (or 20 for premium) stakes
  • 1 nice article = 25 (or 50 for premium) stakes
  • 1 extraordinary article = 90 (or 180 for premium) stakes

The categorization of your article will be determined solely by our team. Both length and quality of the article posted will be taken into consideration. The number of stakes in the brackets will be allocated to users whose articles are being posted on "premium" media outlets, such as Cointelegraph, Forbes, Coindesk, Cryptovest, etc. If you feel that the media outlet that your article is posted on is considered as "premium", do PM me to be eligible for the extra stakes and the team will verify that information.

  • Your article has to be very high-quality written.
  • You must be followed by at least 500 users or your article has to be read more than 1000 times.
  • Your article must be unique. It can not be a copied and pasted article.
  • It must be written in English.
  • It has to be published publicly. Private articles won't be accepted.
  • It must be 1000 characters long or more.
  • It must have a link to our website; and Bitcointalk thread.
  • We reserve the right to consider any article not eligible for this campaign, without giving any reason.

How to participate
  • Send me a private message on telegram (@gstar_ross) with the following details:
  • Bitcointalk username:
  • Website link:
  • Average daily visits:
  • Traffic proof:

If your website is eligible for this campaign, we will reply with a positive answer. You may then proceed to write your article. After our review, your article will be added to our private articles campaign spreadsheet.

Campaign 6 - Reddit
  • Following our /r/GStarAI subreddit - 5 stakes
  • Upvoting our posts (whole campaign) - 100 stakes
  • Positive Comments - 10 stakes each (max 1000 stakes per participant)
  • Share post - 5 stakes
  • This campaign is limited to 2000 participants
  • Your Reddit share has to be posted into a subreddit related to blockchain technology, crypto-currencies, finance, economy, funding, start-ups, ICOs, algorithm trading, automated trading, trading, artificial intelligence, etc. If not, your share will not be counted as valid and you will not receive any stake.
  • Once you have published your Reddit share, you have to fill the Google Form link, not before!
  • Only 10 Reddit shares maximum per participant.
  • Make sure to upvote all our posts on reddit in order to get your 100 stakes
  • Positive comments should be related to the project, or else it won't be counted

How to participate
Campaign 7 - Telegram
  • 5 stakes per participant
  • This campaign is limited to 5,000 participants only.
  • If you don't have any username set, we won't be able to check if you joined our channel. Thus, you won't receive any stake.

How to participate
Campaign 8 - Medium
  • 5 stakes per article clap.
  • 5 stakes per follow.
  • This campaign is limited to 5,000 participants.
  • To receive your stakes, you have to clap articles from the Medium blog post (and follow it) that is provided at the top of this bounty campaign original post.

How to participate
Campaign 9 - Youtube
  • 2000+ subscribers will get you 50 stakes
  • 4000+ subscribers will get you 100 stakes
  • 8000+ subscribers will get you 150 stakes
  • 16000+ subscribers will get you 200 stakes
  • Note: 25 bonus stakes each 1500 views

Quality of the video will be reviewed by team:
Low quality video: 50% stakes
  • Basic project presentation, navigating through website and speaking on camera
Medium quality video: 100% stakes
  • Full project presentation with call to action, whitepaper review.
High quality video: 150% stakes
  • Full project presentation with graphics, comparison to other power-blockchain related projects.

  • Your video has to be made of very high-quality.
  • Your video must be unique. It can not be a stolen/already used video.
  • It must be in English.
  • It has to be published publicly. Private videos won't be accepted.
  • It should last 10 minutes, at least.
  • It must have a link to our website:
  • We reserve the right to consider your video not eligible for this campaign, without giving any reason.

How to participate
How & When You Can Receive Your Bounties

The stakes will be updated under your Profile page weekly by Wednesday afternoon.

After the Token Sale ends, your final amount of stakes will be updated within 1-2 weeks. When we have finalised the total amount of GSTAR tokens distributed during all sales phases (which makes up 50% of the whole distribution), we will then determine the total GSTAR tokens that will be allocated to the Bounty (which makes up 3% of the whole distribution).

Once all of the stakes are counted, you will then see your allocated GSTAR tokens on your Profile page. The tokens will be distributed together with the tokens that you have purchased during the Token Sale.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please email us at "bounty(at)gstar(dot)ai" and we will be glad to help.