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How To Get GSTAR Tokens?

There are many ways to get GSTAR tokens, including:

  • Bounty Campaign: Get GSTAR tokens for helping us to spread the word!
  • Airdrops: We release free GSTAR tokens when you complete various simple tasks
  • Purchase during Tokensale: You can purchase GSTAR tokens at its launch price from 8 July 2018, before they gets released to the public!

Kindly indicate your intended purchase amount during Tokensale here:

We will be announcing a special bonus for those who have indicated their interest before the start of the Tokensale, and made the purchase within the first day of the Tokensale.

Keep an eye here for more details soon!

Withdrawal of GSTAR Tokens

GSTAR tokens will be distributed within two weeks from the conclusion of our Tokensale.

Before you make the final withdrawal, kindly check the following:

  • The bonus and airdropped GSTAR tokens are correct, and all pending tokens are correctly reflected there.
  • The amount listed under "Total GSTAR Tokens" on the right sidebar is correct.

The withdrawal of purchased GSTAR tokens is an additional and irrevocable confirmation that:

  • The token purchase transaction between you and GStar Technologies has been successfully concluded.
  • You have no further claims of any kind toward GStar Technologies.

Before you specify your ERC20 Wallet Address for receiving GSTAR tokens, make sure that:

  • You have provided an accurate ETH wallet address.
  • The ETH wallet you are using supports the ERC20 Token Standard (Mist, Parity, Metamask, MyEtherWallet, etc).
  • Your ETH wallet is NOT an exchange wallet.
  • You have set up your Ethereum wallet to recognize GSTAR tokens in accordance with the instructions.

Once the withdrawal process is started, we will be unable to cancel or modify the transaction in any way. It will be permanently stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

To simplify the withdrawal of your purchased tokens, you must set your ERC20 Wallet Address on this page before 8 August 18, 2018 (or earlier, if we announce early closure of Token Sale.)

You just need to set your ETH address. Tokens will be sent to it automatically.

If there are any discrepancies, kindly contact us at for clarification immediately.

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