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Whitelist & Tokensale

Register in our Whitelist & participate in our GSTAR Tokensale

GSTAR Token Pre-sale is now live!
Thank you for being part of our large group of supporters!

Tokensale Phases

We are now accepting whitelist registration for both our Pre-sale & Public Tokensale. It will be carried out in the following phases:

Pre-sale Phase: From Now to 22 July 2018 1159 UTC

  • Minimum 1 ETH
  • +20% bonus GSTAR tokens
  • Capped at 1,000 ETH for the whole pre-sale period.

Public Tokensale Phase: From 22 July 2018 1200 UTC to 18 August 2018 1159 UTC

  • Minimum 0.1 ETH
  • +8% bonus GSTAR tokens on Day 1, No bonus from Day 2 onwards.
Refer your friend & get 10% of their GSTAR tokens as bonus!

Starting immediately, you can now get a bonus of 10% of your friend's GSTAR purchase!

All you need to do is simply to introduce GStar.AI to your friend, get him to log in, and fill in your email here:

*Please note your friend needs log in, then write your email in the above box (and not the other way round), in order for you to receive the 10% bonus GSTAR tokens!

The bonus GSTAR tokens from referrals will be tabulated & determined at the end of the tokensale after 18 August 2018.

Step 1: Whitelist Registration

Please ensure that your wallet support the ERC20 Token Standard (Mist, Parity, Metamask, MyEtherWallet, etc).

DO NOT USE EXCHANGES ADDRESSES (BCoin, Binance, Bittrex, Kraken, Coinbase, Poloniex, Bitstamp, CEX.IO, Exodus, Jaxx etc).

Note that only jpeg & png files are accepted.
Please take a photo of yourself holding your ID Document/Passport & a note writing "For GStar.AI Tokensale" and today's date.

Step 2: Participate in our Pre-sale/Tokensale

GStar.AI’s Pre-sale/Tokensale address is:


Once your "Whitelist Status" found at the right-hand side of this page changes to "Approved", you can proceed to transfer the ETH directly from your own ERC20 wallet to the above address.

Do note that the minimum amount of ETH for this presale is 1 ETH, if you would like to contribute a smaller amount, you can wait for our public sale which will begin on 22nd July.

Please set the gas limit to 200,000, as execution of Smart Contracts will spend around 100,000 gas. The default of 21,000 is too low, so do ensure that your gas limit is sufficient to avoid the transaction getting rejected.

For some wallets (e.g. Ethereum Mist Wallet) you may also get the message "It seems this transaction will fail. If you submit it, it may consume all the gas you provide."  Rest assured that setting the gas limit to 200,000 will definitely allow the transaction to pass through.

If you are able to set the Gas Price in your wallet, please refer to and look at the Recommended Gas Price on the right-hand side

Once again, do beware of scammers, and if you suspect a scam attempt, or you would like to double check our Smart Contract Address, do contact us on our group at

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